Skogen Kitchen - Custer, SD

Fine dining in the heart South Dakota

One of my favorite parts of traveling is stumbling upon unique restaurants/food spots. Although I love all the places I have visited and all the food I have eaten, there are those rare and unforgettable places that truly leave a mark on me. Skogen Kitchen is one of those places.

A few years ago, my family and I journeyed through the Midwest, from Texas to Michigan. One of the states we traveled through was South Dakota. I bet good food is not something that comes to mind when you think of South Dakota, at least for me, it wasn’t. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Skogen was one of the highlights of my trip and some of the best dishes I've ever had.

Skogen Kitchen is a small fine dining restaurant in Custer, SD. The Norwegian roots and influence made for an authentic and memorable experience. They offer an innovative and creative menu, filled with quality ingredients, delievered in a clean and pristine environment.

I was lucky enough to dine here for brunch and dinner (yes, I loved it that much, I came back twice). For brunch, I sat outside to enjoy the beautiful morning. I ordered the Japanese french toast. My plate was crafted with homemade miso butter, green tea ice cream, nori, maple syrup, and a generous slice of brioche. It was an outstanding dish that incorporated creative tastes. The brioche was fresh and crisp and the miso butter added extra flavor, while green tea ice cream added a subtle but sweet note. The nori seaweed was a nice touch that infused the dish with texture and salt.

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Later that evening for dinner, I ordered the roasted diver scallops with yuzu kosho, white beans, and blistered tomatoes. The diver scallops were fresh from Maine and cooked to perfection. The dish was plated with three scallops coupled with yuzu kosho (Japanese citrus chili paste) and sitting on a bed of soft white beans. The blistered tomatoes were incorporated well and spinach topped it off. This dish was so unique and absolutely incredible!

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Skogen Kitchen is a hidden gem in South Dakota. The restaurant is small with just a few tables, however, the element of liveliness made for a beautiful dining experience. There is a cozy and warm ambiance to the place. From anywhere you sit, you can spot the chefs preparing your meal and get excited about the flavors you are about to encounter!

I realize South Dakota isn’t a destination on everyone's bucket list, but it sure is a stunning place to visit. And if you ever are journeying through the town of Custer, I highly recommend you stop by Skogen Kitchen for an unforgettable dining experience.

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