Emmets Cafe - Columbus, OH


Emmets Cafe is an authentic spot in the heart of Columbus. This post is personal to me because the head chef of this unique cafe is family!

Emmets cafe serves breakfast and lunch, and upstairs holds a cocktail lounge. The building holds a rich history and architectural detail, as it used to be a school for children with respiratory issues. Because of this, the building has many windows that offer natural light. The old details of the school have mostly been preserved, which adds to the unique atmosphere. The location is right on the Olentangy trail, so folks can stop in for a bite during their hike.

The building provides an airy and open dining experience.

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As for the food, I was blown away by the quality and distinctive flavors. I started with the banana bread: sliced loaf, maple butter, and sea salt. A simple but savory appetizer. What more could be said about a classic loaf of banana bread!

I then ordered the schiller bowl, which consisted of poached eggs, quinoa, roasted beet, mushrooms, kale, asparagus, summer squash, red peppers, and hollandaise. It was a generous bowl of healthy but delicious flavors. On the side, I had the roasted potatoes. These potatoes had parmesan, garlic, and chives. They were cooked to perfection, with crispy skin and soft on the inside. The parmesan and garlic added so much flavor.

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I enjoyed all this delicious food with a chilled iced chai! I love chai, so of course, I had to try. What made this chai so good was the cinnamon on top. It wasn’t too sweet:; you could taste the spices.

Chef Hauman did a spectacular job with Emmets Cafe! From the amazing architectural atmosphere to the savory food, it is perfect.

If you are ever in the electric city of Columbus, OH, I suggest you stop by Emmets for a bite of perfection!

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