Veritas - Columbus, OH

A unique dining experience

Small savory plates, cozy intimate dining, and an unparalleled culinary experience. Veritas is ranked #1 in Columbus, Ohio. Offering crafted cocktails and an extraordinary tasting menu.

Right as you walk in, an intimate and mellow atmosphere welcomes you. With dried flowers on the ceiling, plants by the windows, dimmed lights, and comfortable seating.

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I was immediately seated and greeted by a server, who offered bubbly. I watched those around me, sophisticated and mature quests. It isn’t a loud place, but quiet and elegant. Veritas is a tasting menu restaurant. Therefore, I was given a menu with five parts. Each part had 2-3 dish options. After I looked through the menu, I ordered one dish for all the five parts. These dishes then came after each other. Starting with the appetizer.

The appetizer consisted of peas, pecorino, and pistachio. They were like two-inch miniature quiches, with a crust and mash of peas and pistachio topped with a generous amount of pecorino cheese. They were on the chilled side. Even Though this dish was interesting, it was not particularly my favorite. The flavors paired well with each other but did not allow for a unique flavorsome start to our night.

Next, I received the potato, leek, and brown butter dish. This dish was served in a bowl, with square-cut potatoes, and leeks in a brown butter soup topped with foam. It was exploding with flavor and was a favorite of mine.

For the third dish, I had king crab on a small brioche with an asparagus sauce melted on top. The king crab had an upcharge but was completely worth it. It was fresh and savory, and every bite was divine. I also tried the pork coppa, legumes, and garlic. Out of the dishes I had that night, the pork choppa delivered the most flavor. It was cooked perfectly, and incorporated tasty ingredients.

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For the fourth dish, I ordered the caramelle, fava, and hazelnut pasta. The caramelle pasta was cooked superbly. As well as the green fava beans, which added a unique texture to the dish. With that texture, the crushed hazelnuts added crunch and strong contrasting flavor. The pasta was in fava bean sauce as well and topped with shaved cheese and flower petals.

I also got to try the rabbit, carrot, and parsnip dish! Rabbit was new to me and surprised me greatly. Maybe it was just the outstanding Chef Josh Dalton that made the rabbit so good, but either way, I loved it. The skin was crispy and filled with flavor. The meat itself was soft and paired well with the carrots and sauce. I even got to try the steelhead trout, fennel, and onion dish. It was dished beautifully, with a tasty trout and cooked fennel, next to creamy sauce. The flavors melted in my mouth.

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Lastly, I was served with the fifth dish, which was the dessert portion. I had the strawberry, rhubarb, and buttermilk dish. There was a strawberry chocolate cremeux on the bottom, with candied rhubarb cooked in strawberry juice, crumbled graham crumb, with a spoonful of buttermilk sorbet, topped with freeze-dried strawberry powder. The flavors mix so well with each other and create a flavorful dessert. I mean buttermilk sorbet? Does that not sound delicious! I also tried the blueberry, lemon, and elderflower dessert. Sadly, I did not love. It was a freezing bowl of blueberries, shaved ice, lemon, and what I believed to be tapioca balls. I could barely taste the flavors because of how cold it was!

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Though these plates were small, I finished the night with a full tummy without feeling like I was overeating. Which is one reason why I love small-tasting plate restaurants. I was able to enjoy every bite of my food, slowly. As well as appreciate the quality ingredients and art the chef has created. I had a beautiful evening at Veritas filled with savory food, unique dishes, and wholesome conversation in an intimate setting. Chef Josh Dalton did an amazing job with bringing these flavors to life, as well as plating them as true ar

If you are ever visiting Columbus, and want one of the finest dining experiences you will ever come across, you must try Veritas. It will truly be a night you will never forget.

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