Bayberry Garden - Providence, RI

Home of the ocean state capital

Fresh food, greenery, and a New England-inspired dining experience. Bayberry Garden is a modern English garden restaurant in the heart of Providence, RI, right in the innovation district. Bayberry features a bright and open atmosphere with layered trees and foliage. Right when you walk in, the feeling of warmth enraptures you.

The menu was even more impressive than the atmosphere. Open for dinner and weekend brunch, Barberry creates exceptional dishes with high-qaulity, local ingredients. The restaurant is built around the idea of sharing. Therefore, it is suggested that you order many small plates that everyone can taste.

My starter was the ora king salmon crudo which had togarashi, yuzu, and chicharron. The salmon crudo was sliced real thin and plated with yuzu (citrus fruit originating from China). The chicharron added just the right crunch and texture. I enjoyed and learned about togarashi - a Japanese spice that builds onto the flavor.

My second plate was the grilled caesar, which had anchovy, sourdough, and parmesan custard. The romaine was fresh and crisp. The parmesan custard was creamy and with the sourdough bread, made a complete dish! I have never had a salad that was completely un-chopped, it was a unique and uncommon experience for me. Pictured below were the brussel sprouts I had ordered, which were cooked crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and packed with flavor!

Next was the monkfish with coconut, lemongrass, and pickled root vegetables. The monkfish was soft and cooked perfectly. The lemongrass was cooked in a liquid sauce that was poured over the dish when it was served. The coconut added so much great flavor. In my opinion, this was a perfectly crafted plate.

My final dish was the housemade maccheroncini with delicata squash, sage, and stracciatella. The housemade maccheroncini made this dish truly superb! The delicata squash paired nicely with the maccheroncini. Delicata squash is sweet with a creamy and delicate texture, it melted in my mouth! The sage was garnished on the top, creating a subtly bitter but tasty flavor. Lastly, stracciatella was placed on top. Stracciatella is an Italian cheese product that is made by shreds of fresh mozzarella mixed with heavy cream. It tastes like mozzarella but mild and with a hit of tang (slightly sour). All these ingredients may not sound like they naturally go together, however, they created an outstanding dish full of extraordinary flavors and textures.

The restaurant itself is exceptional and high-end, all around. It offered a beautiful dining experience. From the food to the location, everything is quite perfect at Bayberry Garden.

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